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Back At The Home Office – It Might Be “Goodbye Moto”


Yesterday’s WestJet trip from Winnipeg, MB to Comox, BC went smoothly and it was great to see Laura at the airport and we arrived home at 8:30pm PDT … a long day as I was still on Eastern Time.

I was pleased to see that my hotel room in Ontario was paid for because I won $227.00 on a 649 ticket that I bought in Ontario. Happy Birthday to me on April 5th and I am a winner and love the life that have with Laura and that we are blessed to be of service … the joy and success is amplifying by the day.

On the flight home I invested my travel time in;

• Creating the table of contents for my April 15th E-Newsletter
• Continuing my work on the Quarterly Review of our Business Plan which includes; Budget Cash Flow, Giving Thanks, Company Report Card, Time Lining Projects, 90 Day Goals, Action Plans & Scheduling

Today brings unpacking and a day of one on one coaching calls that will finish up at around 6pm.

I finally broke down and changed cell phones and my 4 ½ year old Motorola cell phone would no longer take a charge, new battery or not.

Just before I left for London, ON, I was given the new top of line Motorola Motorazor cell phone with every known cell phone option known to mankind except for TV viewing :-). I say given because it was free because of my long standing account and loyalty.

When you turn the cell phone on, you are greeted by a “Hello Moto” visual graphic. Two problems. The wireless Bluetooth headset will not work and it takes me 3 – 6 tries to turn the cell phone off and I have even had to take the battery out of it a couple of times so it might be “Goodbye Moto” as Laura is taking the cell phone back to the dealer.