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Attract The Second Quality Assistant

I drafted the following script for a client to enable them to get their existing assistant on side with their expansion plans.

I am looking for your help and I need your job description that we talked about done before you start anything else.

The reason that I am asking for your job description is it is going to be a win for both of us and the clients that we serve.

It is no secret that there is a shortage of excellent and qualified financial advisors … and I believe we can do a lot more.

At the same time, I believe that we both could be doing more of what we love to do and less of what we don’t love to do.

I would like you to create / update your job description so that we can review it.

I have gone through what I love to do and what I don’t love to do and I would like to review this with you once you have done the creation / update of your job description.

Together we can identify what we love to do best and create a delegation list for the new assistant that I want to hire. The delegation list will help to form the job description and the ad that will enable us to attract the quality of assistant that we wish.

Thank you for your help.