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Attention To Intention

Taking a moment here to share that life is about choices – the choice to be awake.

Yesterday was a day where I could have fallen asleep into my dysfunctional ego mind’s list of endless bitching and moaning.

Actually the list isn’t that long or it didn’t get that long because I stopped it with paying Attention to and setting and Intention as to why I am here in Toronto.

Just to show the human side here is the list of bitching and moaning 🙂 ;

– My bags were late – almost the last ones – my ego wanted to start in on that – I just didn’t go there focusing in on the Intention.
– I called the hotel shuttle and the operator said five minutes – after standing outside under a shelter in the rain for thirty minutes I did what I should have done and got a cab – my ego wanted to get into it and start in on that – I just didn’t go there focusing in on the Intention.
– I forgot to pack shaving cream and it would not have looked good wearing a suit with two days worth of growth – my ego wanted to get into it and start in on that – I just didn’t go there focusing in on the Intention.

My Intention was and is to add inspiration, insight, awareness and knowledge to all whom I meet to enable them to be the best that they can be.

This is what I kept and keep in the forefront of my mind so that I don’t get hooked into my dysfunctional ego mind’s petty list of complaints that will be sure to drag me down into the pits of its hell.

To serve my intention I practiced a form of meditation before I went to bed and as soon as I woke up and I do this most every morning. The meditation is to practice “no thought”. To go to a quiet place in my heart and mind where I am not thinking so that I feel the blessing of being alive. From there I can give thanks for the many wonders that I continue to be blessed with.

It is only the dysfunctional ego mind that must continue to think staying addicted to its unmet needs of safety, worthiness, control etc. along with its limiting beliefs and limiting emotions that go with it.

Along with the Intention I asked to receive 4 new client enquiries, 2 speaking opportunity enquiries and 1 team building workshop enquiry as a result of yesterday’s presentation to Pro-Seminars in Toronto.

The numbers are in. We received 4 new client enquiries, 3 speaking opportunity enquiries, 5 referrals and 20 new subscribers for my 12 Day E-Course. On top of that Alex Nicholson & I discussed producing a joint venture 1 day workshop on Removing The Mental Road Blocks To Your Success. We discussed dates in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Halifax & Ottawa so this more than satisfies the 1 team building workshop enquiry. I’m feeling a great connection with Alex which is enhanced by the response that he is receiving from his Pro-Seminars audience. I’m blessed to have Alex’s help to get the message out.

Whew what a day.

A gentlemen came up to me at the end of yesterday’s presentation and offered one of the most insightful comments that I have heard in a very long time. The participant later shared his comments with Alex and sent me an e-mail that evening which I have permission to share.

The participant said “In the early 90’s I experienced some very good workshops through Stephen Covey and Tony Robbins. And then the workshops all seemed to stop. Your work is the first thing that I have seen that is an enhancement, a continuation and an integration of this kind of work” ( I hope that I got this right. )

I feel honored by these comments and they are appreciated and confirming about being very much on the right track. Yes I have plenty of this from working with my clients and it is always nice to have a complete stranger make these kinds of comments after a 45 minute presentation.

Here is the e-mail that I received.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for an excellent summary today of the inhibitors to high performance.

To give you must have a cup that is neither half full nor half empty…….but rather overflowing.

Your summary of the dynamics involved reflects a real commitment to getting at the truth about the direct effect that being a grounded individual has on all performance.

I look forward to receiving the item I requested.

I’ll get back to you once I am finished going through it to discuss my interests.


Dan Zwicker.

CAPITAL RISK MANAGEMENT due diligence > optimum solutions > exponential results

Daniel H. Zwicker
B.Sc.(Hons.) P.Eng. CFP CLU CH.F.C. C.F.S.B.
First Financial Consulting Group

My day continued right after my presentation with a luncheon / afternoon meeting with a client and their management team.

It is hard to bring to words the incredible feeling that I received by getting to know my client, the family members that are on course for succession and the business family – management team.

The day was wrapped up with dinner with Alex and Adam of Pro-Seminars and you know the rest.

One last thing – a call to my sweetie Laura to share the many incredible events of the day.

Onward, upward.