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Assembling A Book


Staying true to form, as last week started with Monday as Planning Day and Tuesday – Friday were Client Days, this week started off with a Planning Day, Tuesday will be a Client Day and the balance of the week will be Product Development Days.

Given that my week was planned already I invested the best part of Monday in working on my book.

I am using the our Removing Your Roadblocks Power Point Presentation as a guideline for the book and reviewing all of our Articles, Blogs & E-Newsletters for support material.

So having said all of this, I’m not actually writing a book, I am assembling a book. Saying it that way makes the task a little less daunting.

The week will not all be about the book and clients.

Given that our year really starts right after Labor Day and that I am presenting Removing Your Roadblocks to Pro-Seminars in Toronto, Ontario on Tuesday, August 21st and London, Ontario on Wednesday, August 22nd there are a number of that I will invest my afternoons in as I can only stay focused on the book project for a certain period of time.

• Planning Meeting – Laura & Simon

• Complete August E-Newsletter
• Blogs

• Update Removing Your Roadblocks Power Point Presentation & Forms
• Investigate Hard Disc DVD Camera
• Review Pubic Speaking Lead Tracking Follow Up System
• Organize My Business & Personal Packing For The Fall

• Financial Management