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Are You Taking Care of the Incompletions to Eliminate Distractions?

Here is a copy of a letter that I shared with a team in advance of presenting at strategic planning session.

Thank you in advance of the opportunity to participate and present at your Fall Campaign Meeting on September 15th.

Through our discussions I have recommended that you pre-prepare in advance by following the steps in my Simon’s Success Strategies / Get Your September In Gear Program that is available on my web site at; Simon’s Success Strategies / Get Your September In Gear Program

Please note that you will need to subscribe to my free e-newsletter to receive the passwords to enable you to receive the Simon’s Success Strategies / Get Your September In Gear Program. If you wish to subscribe to my free e-newsletter click here; Free E-Newsletter “More Profit & More Time”.

In brief – to meet and exceed your goals;

– Create a Vision & Goals that are going to commit, compel and inspire you to take the necessary actions to make it real.
– Identify the Projects that must happen to make your Vision & Goals real.
– Time Block the Projects and take action to make your Vision & Goals real.

One Project to Time Block that comes to mind is Call Your Best Clients and the Referrals that they give you.

I to am embracing this very same strategy.

My motto for Time Blocking is that between 8am & 5pm I am either talking to an existing client or to a new (prospective) client.

I am doing this for the first two weeks of the month to meet and exceed my sales goals for the month.

I am doing all other activity on Monday & Tuesday evenings so that my days are clear to be talking to existing clients or to new (prospective) clients.

My schedule can be adjusted to a more reasonable schedule once I have reached my goals for the month, by mid month in my case.

In advance of our meeting ask;

– What is incomplete?

– What projects need to be completed so that I can hit the ground running on September 15th?

– Is my office clean?

– Are my files up to date?

– What equipment do I need in order to succeed?

– What other loose ends are going to distract me from being 100% focused on my goal?

The above thoughts are all suggestions and offered on my own accord – they are not mandatory and there is no expectation to talk about the above questions at the meeting. If you wish to share what you did to create the space for your success you are welcome.

I am writing you to take the time now to do whatever it takes to create the space for success by taking care of the incompletions to eliminate distractions.

Cheers to you meeting and exceeding your goals.