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Are You Splitting Your Brain?

Sidebar …Before I begin this Blog.

Today was a Milestone.

Question: Can you speak in September in Whitehorse, Fort St John, Prince George, Williams Lake, Smithers and Terrace?

Answer: Thanks for asking. Sorry we cannot. We are booked in September in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Las Vegas and Vancouver.

5 years ago I would have wished for these kinds of problems.

On with the Blog –

Are You Splitting Your Brain?

– photo courtesy of www.scbc.edu

Is your multi-tasking causing you to work on the categories of both On-Going Business and Business Development over the course of the same day … in the same time frame?

On-going Business examples are;

– Client appointments
– Prospect follow up

Business Development examples are;

– Vision
– Business Plan
– Creating a CD
– Web Site development
– Writing a Book

If you are;


You Are Splitting Your Brain!

The On-going Business examples need to be scheduled into what Dan Sullivan calls Focus Days.

The Business Development examples need to be scheduled into what Dan Sullivan calls Buffer Days.

The concept of Free Days & Buffer Days comes from Dan Sullivan’s Coaching System.

Dan Sullivan’s Coaching System divides all time into three distinct kinds of days;

Focus Days?¢‚Äû¬¢
– Create financial results and opportunities
– Concentrate on top money-making activities

Free Days?¢‚Äû¬¢
– Rejuvenation and relaxation
– Free from business related activities

Buffer Days?¢‚Äû¬¢
– Preparation
– Delegate ?¢‚’stuff’ and acquire new capabilities