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Are You Driving Your Business With Ego?


Are you driving with ego and are you driving your business in the same way?

Could it be that the same underlying limiting unmet needs, beliefs and emotions that are driven by the ego that show up on the road in the form of road rage are creating business rage in your business?

What is business rage attracting to your business?

What are the limiting beliefs that people carry in their ego mind when they are driving?

• “I don’t have any time”.
• “I don’t have enough money”.
• “I am behind and they are ahead of me”.
• “They are too slow”.
• “They are too fast”.
• “They are better than me because they have a better car”.
• “I am better than them because I have a better car”.

What is the effect of these same limiting beliefs on one’s business?

One set of limiting beliefs about one thing will effect another.