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Antibacterial Wipes As Recommend By Fast Company Magazine


It’s 7:25am CST (as Saskatchewan is not on daylight savings time) and I’m having my breakfast in the restaurant at the Saskatoon, SK Hilton and I just heard the waitress exclaim that it is – 25C.

My flight was productive even though I was crammed in a non-emergency row with no leg room, we were delayed by 40 minutes due to deicing and I was surrounded by five very quiet babies. Cheers to their mommies.

The flight time was invested in reviewing and revamping my PowerPoint as I have 1.5 hours to present at Pro-Seminars in Saskatoon, SK versus the usual 1 hour that I normally have. This was relatively easy as I have added and subtracted a number of different story lines over the course of the past year and half and I have loads of PowerPoint slides.

Time was also invested in draft articles that I will use as the basis for the April E-Newsletter;

• “Adrenaline Addiction”

• “The Traditionalist, The Queen, Depression & World Wars, The Baby Boomer and The Financial Advisor’

I arrived at my hotel room and the first thing that I did was to clean everything that I may touch with antibacterial wipes as recommend by Fast Company Magazine. Three bouts of the stomach flue were enough!