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Another outstanding week!!

Another new client!

Realized business needs financing upgrade and realized asset of carrying almost mid 5 figures in receivables.

The realization that with the web, web resources, web products, e-newsletters, blog all nearing completion and with the flood of new business coming in, including two living breathing financial advisor new clients with the help of the web resources that the “need”, my “need” to be a sales person may be just about over. Attraction is happening.

Decided to stay focused on non marketing / sales related activities until March 28th and postpone the update, action and 35,000 ft view on marketing plan and to gigging and finish up and create systems to allow for marketing and gigging by focusing on updating business plan, web site upgrades, e-newsletter production, scheduling April and creating 2 coaching off weeks in the next 5 weeks – next week being one of them, income tax accounting, reorganize job descriptions and hire out more to specialists leaving Laura & I to market and gig.

TV production is scheduled and the copy is written for 30, 30 second TV spots.

We scheduled attending two networking events.

Wrote an outstanding public speaking gig for March 22nd called;

* Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

* Giant Steps To More Money & More Time

* “Being” An Advisor Versus “Doing” Sales

Looking forward to updating the marketing plan and investigating a sales and marketing assistant.