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And the answer was “don’t”

Last week was very unusual for me in that when I asked “how can I serve this week” and the answer was “don’t” – I decided to work with my clients on coaching and NOT work on; client special projects, e-newsletters, products, speaking, web sites – all the things that I have been very dedicated to during the past 8 months. It was strange to have a week off from all that and enjoy working with my clients.

The one thing that I did do was a review of all plans and files since the beginning of the year enabling me to re-visit and re-focus my goals to August 31, 2005.

Laura and I had a restful and quite weekend; watched a couple of videos, completed errands on Saturday and had dinner with friends on Saturday evening. A very rainy Sunday made it easy for me to work on the completion of the review of all plans and files.

I am looking forward to the inspiration that a renewed Vision provides through re-visiting and re-focusing my goals to August 31, 2005.

I’ve been using a software called Mind Genius for the planning review process. Mind Genius is extraordinary and to find out more go here; Mind Genius.

We will be completing the writing and publishing of the May 15th E-Newsletter and sending it out on Tuesday.