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And just when the Web Site appears to be complete – here we go again –

As we approached the E-Marketing and E-Marketing Plans last week -.

It became obvious that there is still more Web Site editing and fine tuning to do –

– The E-Newsletter Offer on the Main Page needs to be edited to include more value
– The Right Hand Menu on the Solutions Page requires editing and re-prioritizing
– The Public Speaking & Media Pages need to re-prioritized and Investment Schedule and A/V & Room Set Up Pages need to be added
– The following PDFs need to be added to the re-titled Media Kit and Meeting Planner & Speaking Planner PDFs:
– One Sheet
– Cover Letter
– Referral Card
– Bio
– Public Speaking (Public Speaking Web Site Page from Public Speaking to A new revitalized vision and passion for your business)
– Start “Being” an Advisor versus “Doing” Sales
– Get Your Practice In Gear
– What are the Values & Behaviors of Today’s Leading Advisor?
– Investment Schedule
– A/V & Room Set Up
– Start Taking the “Being” An Advisor Assessment Now!
– “Being” An Advisor versus “Doing” Sales

The next step will be to add Products to the Solutions Page over the upcoming months.

As I go through the above and once again turn my attention back to the Web Site -.

A message from Star Wars comes to mind as I must use “the force myself” to come up with the discipline to do the Web Site editing and fine tuning –

Don’t let your journey change you into something you don’t want to become and defeat the purpose of your journey.