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An outstanding week

I woke clear and ready to go as a result of the massage.

I completed my journaling questions – an outstanding week!

Sales have been significant, 4 new clients have started, month end review completed, writing daily to my blog and e-newsletters and new software getting completed for the web site.

Next week is scheduled and Friday is ahead of me to work on strengthening my practice. Over the past few months I had let my schedule slip and had allowed myself to schedule calls here there and everywhere and was not getting quality time to concentrate over a long period of time for special projects.

With the roll that we are on after investing 6 months into a new marketing plan, web sites, e-newsletters etc., I end with the completion of the monthly review and I have a strong sense that huge things are about to happen.

My client’s businesses are all growing and opportunities for enhancement to business and strategic planning, hiring and team building are all on the horizon.