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An Off Week And Everything Else Needs Flexibility

Tuesday needed flexibility and I opened the day up to get some work done as there were some incompletions that I had from the previous week.

Here is the list of Tuesday’s To Do List;

• Conversation with Robert Gignac, the author of Rich Is A State Of Mind – Robert and I had a great conversation about financial advisors not wanting to invest in their business. This behavior was created decades ago when financial advisors were given all kinds of perks by their companies or suppliers. The rules of the game have changed and companies and suppliers are no longer giving financial advisors free perks because the perks may be construed by some as bribing the advisor to sell the companies or suppliers product. So this leaves the financial advisor to get their head around investing in their business versus waiting for someone to do it for them. Robert and I believe that about 15% of financial advisors get this concept and the rest are in the dark ages. What is interesting to me and something that I plan to write about in the near future is the core reason that many advisors chose to get into financial planning in the first place. Was it to feel safe and secure? Perhaps this is why many financial advisors don’t invest in their business and while they preach about life insurance, many are under insured. Why, because they need the money to make them safe. I wonder what kind of impact this kind of financial advisor is having on their clients. Robert shared the following the following article from the National Post; Let Fear Motivate, Not Greed
• Conversation with a Strategic Alliance that we hope to form with a Mutual Fund Company – it looks like we will be doing some Financial Advisor Public Speaking on behalf of AGF Mutual Funds
• Conversation with a Prospect created from the last Financial Advisor Public Speaking Road Trip – welcome to another new client that I am really intrigued to work with
• Conversation with two clients that we could not speak with last week for one reason or another – sometimes you have to be flexible
• Misc Client E-Mails & Filing – something that I always do, a quick review of incoming e-mails from the later part of last week to make sure that nothing fell through the cracks
• Review Planning Meeting With Laura from yesterday –
• ** DVD – Kim Black produced our Show Reel into a DVD and Laura and I need to confirm the quality so that we can create a number of these to Direct Mail for our Financial Advisor Public Speaking Marketing
• ** Pro-Seminars Las Vegas – review sponsorship levels
• Blog – you are reading it

Now it is full steam ahead for writing on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday mornings.

On a final note, Kim Black has been working on many improvements / additions to our web site. Thank you Kim.

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