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An Executive Decision

( 9pm ET January 7th )

Right above this blog entry, there was supposed to be a January 7th 8pm ET picture of my tablet PC with my new “creation in progress” power point on screen while I was sat in the back of a cab on my way from my Airport Hotel to Future Shop at Old Stock Yards Road in Toronto and back to purchase a replacement iP90 Canon Portable Computer.

It’s been one thing after another on this trip.

It seems that with January 7th being the first day back to school, many families stretched their holidays to the limit and flying on January 6th was hampered by flight and baggage delays due to volume and equipment breakdowns … I didn’t get out of the airport on Sunday night until 11pm ET. The baggage carousel, while loaded with luggage, must have gone around 50 times before my bag appeared … the good news is it arrived. There were lines 20 deep at the baggage services counters with dismayed travelers looking for their bags while there were rows and rows of baggage lined up beside the carousels absent of their owners.

The Executive Decision was to take a $70.00 back and forth cab ride to Future Shop versus me driving and traveling in the dark making countless turns on highways and roads that I’ve never been on. The $70.00 was worth it because I got another half an hour of valuable time into the creation of a new power point for 2008 … which I am delivering at 8am ET on Tuesday morning.

Let’s hope the breakdown of my iP90 Canon Portable Printer is the last of it.

Simon Parsons and I have been working at stabilizing my tablet PC since the end of October and we finally had to wipe the hard drive clean of everything and re-install the data, drivers, passwords and software … this is the first time I have been on the road with the tablet PC only to find out that software was still missing. This is because I did not have a list of the software that needed to be re-installed.

Re-installing data , drivers, passwords and software has delayed the production of the new power point. I’m taking the liberty to list all the software on the bottom of this Blog for the next time that we may have to wipe the hard drive clean of everything and re-install the data , drivers, passwords and software.

Right above this blog entry, there was supposed to be a January 7th 9pm ET picture of my table at the Lone Star Restaurant with the power point complete! People must be thinking “doesn’t this guy have a life”? He does! She is back at home base in Parksville, BC and Simon is looking forward to seeing Laura at 11pm PT on Wednesday night.

What is the motivation?

Tablet Software

• iP90 Printer Drivers
• Aircard
• Gateway Tablet Operating System
• Log Me In
• Norton Professional Anti Virus
• Olympus MP3
• Microsoft Exchange
• Microsoft Office
• Microsoft One Note
• Microsoft Outlook 2007
• Mind Genius
• Motorola Cell Phone Software
• Projector – Make sure the tablet PC will run with a projector.

( 9:30am ET January 8th )

I planned to do two things … upload my pictures onto this Blog and alas, I don’t have software and the second thing is my new power point was 100% ready to go for the presentation and my tablet PC would not work with Pro-Seminars projector. I copied my power point onto Pro-Seminars laptop computer and everything worked out OK.

So there are still two more things on the above list to complete.

The main thing is I feel 101% about the new Removing Your Roadblocks power point that I just delivered!