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An E-Bed From Craig’s List


If you have been reading my Blog you will have heard me say that my Blog is about both business and personal reflections. This gives readers every opportunity to like me or not because marketing is the process of elimination … if you don’t like what I have to say in my Blog you will not like me as a coach.

This is one of those personal Blogs to offer you the human side of some of what is going on our lives.

To further Laura and I along with taking extreme self care of ourselves we decided to invest in a king sized bed to create the space for a more restful sleep for both of us.

We wanted to match the existing Alexander Julian Colours Bedroom Suite that we have but alas the king sized bed had been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Having never purchased anything of significance on line I talked to Laura about giving the internet a shot and we researched Craig’s List and E-Bay.

We purchased the bed in the picture last August via Craig’s List from Houston, Texas and had it shipped and it has been sitting in our garage waiting for a mattress and assembly.

We completed setting up the bed over the weekend and when it was all said and done, we still saved thousands on what the bed would have cost to purchase it new.

A great Christmas Present to Laura and Simon.