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An Awesome Day At The IFB

4:00pm ET … 350 seats to fill. I’m the closing speaker at 4:30pm. How many will show up?

It’s 8:45pm ET and I’m on cloud nine.

I’ve had an absolutely outstanding day at The Independent Financial Brokers Summit because;

• I received loads of leads for corporate speaking conferences and road shows
• I attended excellent speaking presentation by;
o Using Soft Skills to Take the Business Advantage – Mark Jeffries
o Don’t Sell Your Business…Transition Your Business – Sam Albanese, Seneca College
o Financial Relationship Marketing: 7 Keys for Building Lifetime Relationships in the HNW Market – Ken Wharram and Jim Graddon, E-Z Data Inc.
• The Independent Financial Brokers Summit was well attended and extremely well organized
• My Removing Your Roadblocks Presentation was delivered at 110% and I received the client enquiries, speaking leads, e-newsletter subscribers and products sales that I intended.
• A client of mine and I had an excellent dinner and we came up with some excellent business building ideas.

Feedback from today’s speaking included;

“Very comprehensive. Gave a correct perspective about how business is to be conducted in the financial industry. A definitive action plan. You were loud, clear and awesome. Great presentation and I leaned a lot!”

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s 9:30am speaking presentation and more of the above.