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Almost Missing The Financial Advisor Speaking Flight

My Blog last Blog about Financial Advisor Speaking Roadwork ended with the following about it being 2pm Mountain Time and that I had all kinds of time – that is if I remember to set the clock on my computer and while working on the computer that is all I look at.

I’m laughing at myself as I thought “how could these people possibly miss their flight” about announcements that went like the following; “Jane & John Doe. The plane is fully loaded. Where are you? … Jane & John we are taking your luggage of the plane”.

Guess what! I nearly missed my flight to Edmonton, AB watching my computer clock that was still on Pacific time.

* * *

These little airports and gates are different than “sitting in the airport” and with today’s rules it is easy not get good nutrition and water.

So it’s 5:40pm Mountain, I’ve eaten and have had 3 bottles of water and I’m OK and have re-set my computer clock. I’m happy to say that while I rarely drink coffee, I’ve also stayed away from coffee. Finally clueing in that on one or two occasions my energy has not been up to my standards in the gigs and it is because I am “coffee crashing” right in the middle of the gig.

While I wait for the 8pm Mountain flight to Grande Prairie, AB, I’m going to type set the Advocis Grande Prairie, AB Assignment Slides that I created on the plane and then settle back and start to read a book that caught my eye called “Stumbling On Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert.