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Alex Nicholson, VP Pro-Seminars Testimonial

Its 5:35am on Wednesday morning and I am writing Day #9 of the 12 Day E-Course which is next weeks installment that I am writing now given that I am on the road next week. As always I am looking for a Blog Article along the way of each day. The following The Leading Advisor Coaching System Blog is an excellent read.

The reality of being on the road next week June 12th – 15th with two full coaching weeks after that, June 19 – 23 & June 26 – 30 combined with a 2 Day Exclusive Workshop has got my attention and these are the things to keep in mind that need to be done;

– Identify Client Files to take with me on the road
– Bring 2 Day Exclusive Workshop File with me on the road (just to review – out line is complete, PowerPoint needs to be created, I’ll do the outline on the road – I have many hours of plane flights and lots of time to work – this Blog is serving to provide the opportunity to create my To Do List for the road)
– Bring Behavioral Selling Skills File with me
– Update PowerPoint for Ottawa and Toronto
– Create Marketing Action Plan for next week – Speaking Research, Testimonials
– Create Calendar for the balance of the year; example is Launch Get Your September In Gear
– Bring July E-Newsletter File that contains; Launch Get Your September In Gear, Teleclasses, 2007 Retreat, One On One Intensives

Today was a great day with clients. During one of my conversation the notion came to me that we should “live each moment as if we were going to write an article about the moment in our journal.” Now that is a way of truly staying awake!

The long overdue Speaking Folio Update draft was completed and I really got into the Update PowerPoint for Ottawa and Toronto.

I received an excellent testimonial from Alex Nicholson, VP of Pro-Seminars;

Alex Nicholson Testimonial “Simon is clearly one of our most passionate and inspiring speakers. We are pleased to be able to provide our audiences with Simon’s unique and scientific approach that shows financial advisors how to lay the foundation for a practice based on advising vs. selling, wealth management and referrals. By the end of 2006, Simon will have completed over 25 speaking presentations for Pro-Seminars right across Canada to hundreds and hundreds of financial advisors to nothing short of rave reviews.”

🙂 This Blog entry is long enough and I will save The Leading Advisor Coaching System Blog for another day.