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Alex Followed Me Out Of The Ottawa Pro-Seminars Presentation And Said –

It’s 6:30am eastern on Wednesday, June 14, 2006 and I am waiting in the hotel lobby for the 6:45am shuttle to the airport to fly from Toronto to Ottawa.

As a Values and Behavioral Analyst I’m reflecting on the success of last night’s 4 ?Ǭ? hours of writing. During the writing I was in a deep, internal, reflective state of mind.

In contrast, as I am speaking today In Ottawa for the first time ever, I’m observing that I need to shift into a different style.

The speaking requires me to have more fire and passion versus the writing style of being deep, internal and reflective.

This is also in reflection to something being “off” and not quite right during my June 13th Pro-Seminars Presentation in Toronto.

How ironic. I’m writing this about being more passionate and extroverted in my speaking style and writing – being deep, internal and reflective – and in the back of my mind I hear the sound of the diesel exhaust of a vehicle – there goooooooeeeees the shuttle. The shuttle driver is supposed to walk in the hotel lobby, announce their arrival and sign in. The shuttle just drove right on by.

Lucky that I am always early because I don’t like adrenaline rushes because it took the front desk manager of the hotel 20 minutes to get the shuttle back.

That 20 minutes could have cost me the Ottawa gig.

* * *

Its 11am in Ottawa and my client appointment went very well is complete.

Now it is time to tweak the PowerPoint once again for my 2:30pm Presentation for Pro-Seminars.

I am always juggling the sequence of the messages and the slides and by George I have got it as you will see.

I always like to plug in a few more photos.

Here is one drawing their attention to World Lux who is sponsoring a draw for a Monte Blanc Pen.


* * *

It’s 4:15pm in Ottawa.

Alex Nicholson of Pro-Seminars followed me out of my June 14th, Pro-Seminars Ottawa Presentation and said, “A client just pulled me aside and said “Out of all the presenters that you have offered, Simon Reilly is the best presenter that you have ever had”.

It’s 8pm back in Toronto and I am looking over my results.

Another presenter told me that they are doing well when they receive 25 – 30% of the audience filling out their response forms.

I walked away with a 42% response rate for the 12 Day E-Course, 2 requests for speaking and 2 very solid prospects that want to discuss becoming a client.

* * *

My deepest thoughts –

The speaking is outstanding.

Outstanding enough to do a speaking tour for a book that I will write and the speaking tour will be created by a professional marketing consultant.