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Ah! 4th Week Off From Coaching – Being!

It’s the 4th week of the month for me and it is an “off” coaching week.

The next 3 coaching weeks will be the weeks of the following to enable two weeks off during the holidays and raring to go the week of January 2nd.

Coaching Weeks;

1. November 28th
2. December 5th
3. December 12th

Off Weeks;

– December 19th
– December 26th

Off weeks from coaching are not about gazing at my belly button.

These are weeks for reflection and refocusing.

At the same time I get the opportunity to do some writing.

To this end, I’ve set aside most of Monday to complete a Power Point Presentation on “Being An Advisor” – It Is About Being Then Doing. I’m going to be presenting this presentation to a least 10 speaking opportunities that are pre-booked over the course of the next 60 days. I’m sensing that this will lead to more insight and inspiration on the book that I am writing.

🙂 This time around I am certain that I am down for 90 minutes!