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Advocis Kingston and Advocis Sudbury Speaking Testimonials

Here are speaking testimonials from the September 23, 2020 Advocis Kingston and September 29, 2020 Advocis Sudbury presentations of Regenerate Yourself and Your Business Now!

This webinar brings the opportunity for true introspection.

Simon did not simply bring up powerful concepts and leave us wondering what they mean, he connected the concepts throughout the entire presentation, to really help us take home the point and implement the concepts instantly.

Simon’s focus on communication and connecting communication to clients, colleagues and even ourselves, was impactful.

Through this thoughtful presentation style and presence with attendees, Simon’s coaching expertise shines through. His approach from the ‘ground up’ was effective in addressing why and what is creating roadblocks in our practices and lives, and how to consciously work on removing them.

We look forward to taking away the real value from the webinar and continue the conversations in our own lives and with our own teams.

Sean Cassidy
Advocis Kingston, President
Parasol Financial Services
Kingston ON

I enjoyed how Simon pulled together all concepts of time.

From time blocking, to self-care, to making sure you prepare for weekly and monthly activities in your schedule, it helped to identify the time bandits and what sucks time out of productivity, profitability, and life.

Simon made some really good call outs to perfectionism and expecting perfectionism, not only from yourself but also your staff and how to really identify this, own your expectations, coach yourself through this, and really deal with this concept. I was not expecting that to be honest, which was a great take away.

I also appreciated Simon’s approach to the webinar, which addressed my own perspectives on how knowing the business and how to do the business, does not necessarily mean that you can do good business.

Truly, there was not a part of this webinar that I did not enjoy!

Todd Boyd
Advocis Sudbury, President
Schuster Boyd McDonald Insurance
Sudbury ON

Janea Dieno
Janea Dieno
Bright Rock Financial, Saskatoon SK
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"After I get off of the phone call with Simon, I feel like I have my superwoman cape on, and I can do anything. It is very hard when you are an independent advisor, to find a mentor or a coach to help guide you through certain steps of your growth. Someone who can genuinely get to know you and your business, while helping you to not get caught up in your own head. To be in your corner to help you through the everyday challenges of the industry. Simon has been this coach for me. When I started with Simon, I was worried about where my business was going to go and taking it to the next level, I wasn’t necessarily thinking about shaping and coaching the team. Now, not only has Simon empowered me to have my superwoman cape on for my business but I can also go back and use the tools I learned to coach my team and to create more cohesiveness with them. Thank you, Simon, for being in my corner and guiding me to take my business to places I would not have done on my own."
Perry Green
Perry Green
Waddell And Associates, LLC, Memphis TN
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" The best part about my work with Simon is that the assignments and practices he holds me accountable to do, as well as the one on one coaching call recordings that are given to me after the calls, stay with me day in and day out. Each time I review them I receive another nugget to apply to my current progress. With these resources on my desk, I can review them every so often and quickly understand where I need to adjust to continue to my next level of success. Although all the new skills I am learning will take time to make into a habit, the resources and coaching helps make perfect practice. Having a coach in my corner that has helped me apply the knowledge I already have of things I should be doing, but was not consistently, will help to yield some pretty big results."