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Advocis Northern Alberta Chapter Public Speaking Educational Event

The Removing Your Roadblocks Public Speaking Presentation went exceptionally well for the Tuesday, September 26th, in Grande Prairie, AB for the Advocis Northern Alberta Chapter Educational Event.

I wrote this Blog entry on Tuesday, September 26th at the Grande Prairie, AB airport gate while waiting to board my flight back home.

As I side bar – I had breakfast at about 7am, the gig was from 11am to 12:30pm and I packed up and caught a cab to the airport and here I am at the &%^&$ gate after passing through security and the airport is under construction and there is nothing – zero, not even a vending machine to get some water or something to eat. Shelley Lazenby of the Investors Group who is also one of the Officers and Directors of the Advocis Chapter in Grande Prairie invited me for lunch and I didn’t have the time. My regret of not taking the lunch invitation was compounded further with the plane not carrying any sandwiches so the afternoon’s hunger was taken care of by Oreo cookies and apple juice. Note to self – remember to pack protein bars for the trip because I never know when I am going to find myself in that kind of a situation.

Thank you again to Shelley Lazenby of the Investors Group who again is also one of the Officers and Directors of the Advocis Northern Alberta Chapter, for taking the time and energy to create the opportunity to provide the Removing Your Roadblocks Public Speaking Presentation to her Advocis Chapter.

Back to the airport gate – aside from the hunger, I’m leaving Grande Prairie with a feeling that we are really hitting the tipping point having met and exceed my expectations for the public speaking at Advocis in Grande Prairie, AB.

My evidence is that we received a near 100% sign up for our E-Newsletter and 12 Day E-Course and 20 – 25% of the audiences checked off;

__ Yes! Please contact me. I am ready to make changes to my business.

One of the members of the audience exclaimed; “This presentation was much better than the one that you did at Pro-Seminars”. With respect, this was because I had 1 ?ĮŽ? hours at Advocis in Grande Prairie, AB versus 1 hour at Pro-Seminars.

I’m giving thanks once more for all of the following components that are working unison to create and sustain a full practice of clients and public speaking opportunities galore.

– Leading Advisor Web Site
– E-Newsletter
– Blog
– 12 Day E-Course
– 7 Actions To Take Now To Meet & Exceed Your Goals For 2006
– Teleclasses
– Testimonials

🙂 I just talked to Laura. We have two Advocis Chapters that want us to present The Removing Your Roadblocks Public Speaking Presentation on the same day in November 2006! 🙂

Tuesday’s flight was smooth and it is great to be back home – 10 hours to get to Grande Prairie, AB / 4 hours to fly home – 6 flights in 29 hours – we are definitely a road warrior.

I’m so looking forward to the weekend and then it is off again to Kitchener, ON & Winnipeg, MB October 3rd and 4th.