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Advocis Kelowna Follow Up Thoughts And Participant Feedback

Here is a copy of a follow up e-mail that I sent to Doug Knight, the President of Advocis Kelowna regarding Friday’s Presentation.

Dear Doug,

Thank you again for your welcoming hospitality and for the opportunity to present at your Advocis Pro-D Day on Friday. The gift of the Mal Gagnon Print is beautiful and will serve as an ongoing reminder of the beauty of the Okanagan.

We spent some time reflecting on our presentation and have a few thoughts that we would like to share.

While the content and presentation are good, given that it covers some very deep issues for some people, the presentation should be offered earlier in the day as it can be too heavy for a closing presentation especially late on a Friday afternoon. I need to make a point of making this recommendation in advance.

So far, most of my presentation work has been opportunities to present at product presentation events rather than at an educational day format like the one that you offered.

My presentation does not get into closing or buy “X” product for “X” amount at “X” date and time. My presentation does however get into asking the listener to take action to get their needs met, allowing their true values, vision, business plan and more from the to evolve. Some solutions are offered in the presentation.

In hind sight, I believe that I can take out the slides that are about qualifying who we are looking to work with and make it as neutral and educational as possible. The message is strong enough.

My presentation does bring to the forefront the science and the solutions behind why the dysfunctional ego mind has been sabotaging ones success for a very long time. The dysfunctional ego mind is not going to like this and it will attack the messenger rather than owning up to the fact that the things that I am talking about are going on in both the listeners business and personal lives. So you will likely get the odd person that will be pissed off with my presentation. Remember the analogy, “when there is one finger pointing out, there are three pointing back.”

The responses to our feedback forms are at the bottom of this e-mail.

Thank you again for the opportunity to be of service.

Simon Reilly

We received the following responses to our presentation at your Advocis Pro-D Day on our feedback form when we asked;

What did you like best about our presentation?
What did you receive that you didn’t expect from our presentation?

– “Excellent presentation”

– “Your presentation is filled with energy and excitement. You gave the insight that – I CAN DO IT!”

– “You gave me ideas on how to get beyond fixated on a “thing””

– “Most roadblocks are created before you are 20 – learn, understand, solve”

– “A different approach to motivational topics”

– “Interactive and lively. New ideas for personal growth”

– “You had an opportunity to provide value but you chose to sell yourself / service instead. The “taste” of your intention did not satisfy my “hunger” for knowledge / growth”

– “Great statistics on succession and awareness”

– “Positive thinking – powerful”

– “Eye opening insight into unmet needs and values – motivational!

We also received the following input when we asked;

What are the biggest challenges that you are facing today?
What would you like to receive more training on?

– Attracting more profitable clients
– Beliefs – fear of success
– Breaking into the business – successfully understand what my blocks are. Focusing on the system, not the sale
– Building an effective team
– Developing a niche
Ideas on attracting more profitable clients
– Prospecting larger cases
– Referrals, getting in front of prospects
– Time Management system