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Advocis Forum Magazine & Client Corner

It’s around 1pm on Thursday and I’m on a break between coaching calls.

Over the course of this week, getting off of UK Time and back on Pacific North American Time along with getting back into the groove of working with my clients, I kind of feel like I am on shift work as I have been waking up at 4am and going to bed at 8pm.

I invest the early hours of the morning in preparing myself for the day, client call preparation and running the business.


Friday will be a full day of clients and an interesting call about writing for Advocis Forum Magazine.

This week has been a stretch with back to back calls with clients and prospective clients so I am looking forward to the weekend and to Monday & Tuesday of next week for a break.

Monday and Tuesday are a break from client calls in that I am traveling to Calgary, AB to present Removing Your Roadblocks to Pro-Seminars. The last speaking presentation until the end of August!!

Laura and I had a meeting yesterday afternoon and we are well on our way on the pre-planning for our web site upgrade, membership site, book and new products and the intention is to have it ready for the end of August.

This leaves me to complete the writing of the June 15th E-Newsletter which I am late on as we have been away in England.

I thought of a new feature for the E-Newsletter and I am calling it Client Corner featuring clips of what some of our clients are doing.

Here is a look at …

Thomas O’Neill’s new Web Site Main Page.

The cover of Paul Lauzon’s new Marketing DVD.