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Acclimatizing To Eastern Time

The Hilton Lac-Leamy, Gatineau, QU.

It’s 11:30am EST and thank goodness we booked me in a day early so that I could acclimatize to the Eastern Time Zone because I didn’t get in till midnight last night and slept till 9:30am this morning which is still 6:30am Pacific Time.

I did my meditation and then replied to my e-mails and followed up on some of the last minute details for Saturday’s workshop for The Cumis Group. Mediation for me means deep breathing and getting into no thought for 15 – 30 minutes.

I’ve just finished a late breakfast of toast and scrambled eggs.

Here’s the view of breakfast via room service looking out at the lake at the edge of the Hilton Lac-Leamy, Gatineau, QU. Note that I ate the eggs and toast and half of the plate was potatoes and fruit garnish which I always ask them not to bring and they bring it anyway.

I’ll invest the rest of the day in doing a once over on the Power Point for tomorrow’s presentation and then settle into working on my book.

The current work on my book is we have type set the Removing Your Roadblocks Speaking Presentation which is forming the Table Of Contents or Chapter List if you will. I am now matching all of the articles that I have written to the Table Of Contents. The next step will be to hand it over to an Editor to integrate the Articles and the Removing Your Roadblocks Speaking Presentation. My goal is to get the matching all of the articles that I have written to the Table Of Contents done on this trip. The Graphic Designer tells me that we will have first look at the Book Cover next week.

Yesterday’s travel day was wisely invested in;

• Fining tuning the Power Point for The Cumis Group and Pro-Seminars
• Client correspondence
• A review of September and I am amazed at how busy we have been since June.
• Organize my days on the road from Thursday, September 28 – Wednesday, October 3 for top notch use of my time