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A Weekend Of Space And Boredom

Rathtrevor Park

I am so liking my new Time Management Plan with a Planning Day and 4 Client Days behind me from last week, I have Monday’s Planning Day, a Tuesday Client Day and 3 Product Development Days ahead of me this week … and I just love the thought of this and how this feels … do you get it!!

After I finished my Saturday morning chores of pruning and watering the plants and sweeping the garage and patios (not to be concerned, all this is outsourced to Christine and she was off sick this week so I filled in), I found myself feeling boredom for the first time in years as Laura and her mom Helen had gone out shopping for the afternoon.

Since 2002, it has been one good and successful thing after another from meeting Laura and getting married to moving to Parksville, BC to all of the coaching, speaking and writing business activity.

I say welcomed boredom because I enjoyed observing:
• Myself with nothing to do and watching my experience of emptiness.
• My ego jumping in with questions like “what can I do”, “what can I buy”, “what can I watch”, “where can I go”, “who can I see”, “what can I work on”, “what can I organize”, “what can I clean” …

One good thing is I am happy to report that I have answered the question about “why am I here”.

I confess that I did break the silence by:

• Registering for Facebook
• Investigating Hybrid SUVs
• Investigating The Power Within Seminar – a friend sent me this link and before I could blink an eye I was almost in at $1800 for the weekend … I guess I am still addicted to the stage from Robbins all those years ago – then again, all these speakers have books … so I am curious and I may go to drink in all the stuff and see if I can put a spin on it … then again, I’ve too much to put a spin on already.
• Did a 10 year cash flow projection of leaving the business as is, taking the profit less 40% tax and investing at 5%
• Got out a map of Canada and pasted it on a white board and Flagged The Location Of All Of My Clients – kind of cool

So that settles it … the emptiness was shattered by; “what can I do”, “what can I buy”, “what can I watch”, “where can I go”, “who can I see”, “what can I work on”, “what can I organize”, “what can I clean” …

There was plenty of empty space in between these activities and I enjoyed every one of them.

Laura, Helen & I went to the Kingfisher Resort & Spa for an absolutely outstanding dinner on Saturday night.

Sunday brought more emptiness … Oh! What shall I do? 🙂 A bike ride around Rathtrevor Park with Laura and a relaxing day.