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A Values Based Financial Planning Software

The Presentation for Pro-Seminars in London went very well.

Testimonials are excellent once again!

“energetic, informative and lots of tactics for new advisors too.”

“made me review why I don’t ask for referrals”

“gave me the desire to make a change”

“made me aware of the influence of my negative energy”

“high energy – thought all the presentations would all be technical”

“gave me ideas to put the passion back into my business”

I made the time to sit in on Michael Curtis’s presentation of Vision Works. Michael’s software system is truly brilliant and is highly visual and interactive giving advisors the tools to create a true values based financial plan on what the client really wants. Michael’s system is a must for anyone that is committed to the wealth management process.

This morning will provide me with some time for writing and I’m off to Winnipeg at 2:15pm EDT.