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A True Vancouverite Requiring Plenty Of Short Breaks

This is an interesting week with all kinds of variety.

I confess to being a true Vancouverite. Monday brought the first sunny “working” day that we have had since May. And like a true Vancouverite, I cut the day short and spent some time outside in the sun.

As I have mentioned in the past writings, we started a fully focused marketing campaign the week of June 8th. I said that it would take us 6 weeks to gain a result from our efforts and results continue to roll in.

We booked our 5th speaking gig yesterday with a real estate firm. We are starting to receive speaking gig referrals now on an almost regular basis and our marketing efforts continue to bare fruit.

We have a one day team building workshop to do in October.

What is also interesting is we booked 2 hiring projects yesterday for a total of 4 since the week of June 8th.

All this is followed by 2 new coaching clients with 3 more that will likely book by month end.

So it is really starting to feel like we have a focused marketing plan that is starting to generate some significant results.

And I mean “feel” – I am feeling a real sense of momentum that I have not felt in some time.

Contributing to this is a list of 750 associations, companies and individuals that we are continuing to communicate with through either e-mail, e-newsletter or telephone.

The July 15th e-newsletter went out yesterday and I received a number of compliments and requests to pass the e-newsletter on that were quite inspiring.

In fact, as I reflect – 3 out of the 5 speaking gigs that we have are a result of articles from the e-newsletter being passed on.

Here is a sample of how Simon Parson’s passed on the e-newsletter to a network of people.

Good evening everyone. I wanted to pass along a newsletter of one of my clients. (the newsletter is below, just scroll down) The article that I thought we could all benefit from is How Do You Give A Referral? To Give Or To Get? I really enjoyed the article, and hope that you will too.

Simon Reilly is professional business coach who helps business owners clarify their goals, values and purposes, resulting in more time and more profits.


Simon Parsons
TT Technical Services
(778) 892-3570

Thank you Simon.

And on another note!

I was reminded again by an e-mail and a conversation (separate) with one of my clients of the number of young adults that I have helped over the years as my clients sometimes ask me to work with their young adult family members. Yet another client has asked me if I would be interested in working with their son.

In the last 5 cases, yes if you can believe it, in recent memory I have successfully worked with 5 young adults that have completed technical school or university that were unable to identify and find the work that they wanted.

I am finding incredible value in what we are doing, hopefully you are learning a thing or two as well or at least getting the perspective on a twenty something. – L.O.

And just one more thing –

A few U.S. Financial Advisors are starting to read our articles that are posted on the web.

Whew … !!

And there is something else about being very focused and dedicated and focused for 6 weeks that my coach Chris Barrow wrote about in his Blog from yesterday –

I’m half way through week 3 of 3 (of workshops) and the exhaustion is beginning to kick in now.

I’m falling behind in answering emails, the newsletter is late – all this is usual.

Which is why I’ve planned a business development day at home on Friday – to catch up and clear the decks before I take a week’s vacation to rest and recuperate.

Oil-rig shifts – that’s what I call these workshop tours – and like working on an oil rig, we have to take plenty of rest breaks off the rig.

One of the mistakes that solopreneurs make is to believe that they can keep going like that for maybe 46-48 weeks a year – its just not possible.

I take 12 weeks vacation every year, as well as plenty of short breaks. If I didn’t do that, I couldn’t do this.

Click here to got to Chris Barrow’s Blog.

So with having shared this –

I’ve made plans to be away from July 28th – August 2nd for a long weekend.