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A True Thanksgiving Weekend

Laura and I had a great Thanksgiving weekend visiting with Laura’s mom Helen in Victoria, BC. Thanksgiving dinner was excellent!

Thanksgiving started early on Friday afternoon as I reflected with joy on the absolutely amazing accomplishments that my clients are experiencing right now.

Here is a summary of some of the results that my clients are experiencing right now;

– Physical year end completed 13% over projected sales goal
– New office purchase agreement accepted
– 20 new proposals in place
– Routine compliance file review completed and files are 100% complete
– Communication strategies implemented and conflict eliminated
– Sales goal at 95% for calendar year
– On track for Top Of The Table this year
– All projects identified, action steps clarified, delegation complete and projects successfully executed
– Number 2 in sales in the branch

The common denominator with all of the above results are; vision, values, goals, time blocking, execution, passion and momentum.