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A True Buffer Day

Monday was a true Buffer Day and I had the space for uninterrupted time for business development that included writing ad copy and my September E-Newsletter.

I wrapped the day up with a vigorous 12km cycle through Rathtrevor Park.

Tuesday is a Focus Day that includes conversations with 4 new prospects and 1 client call.

The balance of the week are Buffer Days where I will use some of the time to invest in creating a Power Point and Handouts for a 2 ½ hour workshop that I am doing for The Cumis Group in Gatineau, Quebec on Saturday, October 29th.

Here is the Ad Copy that we edited for two speaking presentations that we are doing on October 23 & 24 for The Independent Financial Brokers Summit in Toronto, ON.

Removing Your Roadblocks To Your Success
Simon Reilly, Leading Advisor Inc.

A recent survey revealed the following statistics about Financial Advisors:

• 33% have no Vision or Business Plan
• 23% over 63 years of age have no Succession Plan
• 33% earn $50K – $100K per year
• 12% are Very Satisfied
• 49% are Not Very Satisfied
• 40% are NOT Satisfied

In a world where we believe that, “money buys you happiness”, therefore working in the financial services industry would equally make you happy, one has to ask “WHY” these survey results are happening. This presentation will help you to understand WHY you may have the Roadblocks and HOW to Remove Your Roadblocks to YOUR Income, Vision & Business Planning, Time Management, Delegation, Referrals, High Net Worth Clients, Product Specialization, Niche Marketing, Client Segmentation and More.