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A Shameless Plug

Here are some of the testimonials from the Kitchener and Toronto Pro-Seminars Speaking Presentations.

“Your tips on inspirational sales – great!”

“I really enjoyed your material on how to ask for referrals, and the facts about succession planning.”

“When you discussed Values, it made me stop and think about why I’m in business and what my own Values are”.

“Very high powered presentation and full of energy. Your material is great. It’s less about motivating stuff and more “real” down to earth material”.

“You are an excellent speaker. I really enjoyed the concentration on how to get more business through referrals – material I can definitely use now”.

“Really well presented, you are an extraordinary speaker”.

“Your presentation really made me think about my own values, and how my needs are blocking my success in my business”.

“What I really enjoyed was the material you shared about why we behave the way we do, and how that affects us in succeeding in business or failing – you made it easy to understand”.