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A Right Of Passage

The core of this Blog was written on Thursday.

A final thought – It is 4:30am PST back on the West Coast. I’m still on Toronto time so I’m taking advantage of the very early AM to get unpacked and ready for the day and a fabulous one it will be.

It’s Thursday afternoon and I’m waiting for a 4pm flight home out of Calgary in my new office at the Calgary Airport and it is snowing. The deicers are working steadily to keep the planes flying and I’m sure it will be just fine.

This week’s trip to Kitchener & Toronto feels like a right of passage into an entirely new level of business as the Marketing Funnel is definitely working. The reason I say this is our calendar is booked with clients, speaking opportunities and appointments with prospective clients that will become clients.

I’m sure that we will sell out by the end of March or early April and then we will create a waiting list. We will continue to pursuit speaking opportunities to build up our reputation through the web site, e-newsletter, blog and articles.

With a full roster of clients, this will enable me to take the time to complete the book because of the extra time made available that will not be invested in one on one marketing as the speaking, web site, e-newsletter, blog and articles will do the rest.

In fact, I’m thinking of automating the enrollment process through the web site. The reason that I say this is just this week we received a call from a prospective client that said I’ve read your material, completed the Being An Advisor Survey & Client Coachability Index and I am ready to sign up.

All of the above supports my long term vision to duplicate myself through speaking, books, CDs and workshops along with a select group that I work with on a one on one basis.

Most important, it is not about me, it is about all whom I come into contact with.