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A Response After 1000 Attendees

In my travels I had the opportunity to invite a significant centre of influence to one of my speaking dates last week to introduce myself and my work … not to do business with – a courtesy if you will.

Here is a copy of the e-mail that I received in follow up.

Following the e-mail, I’ve written some coaching that my friend Pat gave me as a result of receiving the e-mail.

To begin with you should understand that I attended yesterday’s presentation as a guest of yourself and was there as a guest but not as a prospective buyer. Not being a fan of Anthony Robbins it is my opinion that your presentation would be much better if you would not try to emulate him. Always remember that people in attendance are the prospective buyers and you are the seller and the bottom line is “someone is always taking your measure.” I am not privilege to you financial arrangement with ______________ Company but I would not be surprised that you have a National Contract with this company. I was also surprised that not once did you ask the group for a referral. This stage provided you an opportunity to tell the audience to ask for referrals and the best example of making the point would have been for you to ask for referrals.

Here is the coaching that I received from Pat;

– All people have different styles.
– Your message will not appeal to everyone. People don’t like change.
– Not everyone will love you.
– As you become more and more well known, you will likely attract people from time to time that will not like you.
– Not everyone loves Tony Robbins.
– You are a big man. So is Tony. It would not surprise me if people were not a fan of Tony; they may dislike you at the same time even though your work and the content of your presentation is entirely different.
– It may be necessary for you to make a disclaimer when you begin to speak. Good ___________ ladies and gentlemen. I’m Simon Reilly and I am speaking to you on my own behalf and I am not sponsored by any company.
– While you ask for a referral to association and company speaking opportunities, you should put a place on your Feedback Form for Referrals.

The Abundant Advisor Book Blog – (Day 9 of Completing The Abundant Financial Advisor Book in 150 Days – April 4th – August 31st)

The book has 22 pages! 🙂

12 pages of writing.

And 10 pages of;

1. Cover Page
2. Blank Page
3. Blank Page
4. Blank Page
5. Inside Cover Page
6. Copyright Page
7. Dedication
8. Acknowledgements Page
9. Table Of Contents Page 1
10. Table Of Contents Page 2

I’m not counting the above 10 pages as actual pages.

I wrote the draft Dedication today.