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A Remarkable Financial Advisor

Financial Advisors are remarkable people with an amazing amount of inner strength that serves them when they face significant personal challenges and with the guidance that their clients require.

Kevin Martin is one of those Financial Advisors that I am referring to, and I took the liberty to post his story.

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Kevin Martin
Financial Security and Investment Representative


1. What attracted me to this industry?

I saw the opportunity to develop long lasting relationships with clients which would allow me to grow with them as they transitioned through their many life cycles.

While working with Freedom 55 Financial and Quadrus Investment Services Ltd., I’ve received a great deal of support and training in the different aspects of financial security planning.

2. What is my industry background?

I’ve been a financial security advisor with Freedom 55 Financial for the past seven years. In 2000, my wife Rhonda and I began serving the needs of Freedom 55 Financial clients in the Westman area.

3. Since the beginning, what has been my greatest challenge?

In 2000, after my wife Rhonda, and I became Financial Security Advisors for Freedom 55 Financial in Brandon, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour on her optic nerve. In September of that year, Rhonda underwent surgery for the removal of the tumour. She was initially under the impression she would be able to return to work within four months. We were neither emotionally or financial prepared for what happened next. During the seven-hour operation, Rhonda’s hypothalamus had a stroke which in turn affected her ability to recover as expected.

The operation left Rhonda visually impaired and consequently unable to drive or resume her career in the financial services industry. Over the years, this has caused many challenges which needed to be overcome. This experience definitely made us stronger as a couple and as a family.

During this time in our lives, our son Cole was three years old and our son Nash was six months old. The children’s young ages required us to hire a nanny to help care for them. Trying to juggle family, Rhonda’s illness and our business was my greatest challenge.

4. What type of services do I offer my clients?

I’m dedicated to educating the general public and providing complete financial security planning packages to our clients, in order to help them realize their long-term financial goals based on their personal situations. We offer a full range of financial security planning products including life insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance, investments, registered education savings plans and mortgages.

5. What do I contribute to my community?

My office has contributed to the following:

– Major sponsor for the Manitoba Lifestyles Expo ?¢‚’05
– Participated in the 2005 Brandon Santa’s Parade
– Major Sponsor for the Wheat City Curling Classic 2006
– Sponsor of the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair 2006
– Chamber of Commerce member
– Member of Advocis (The Financial Advisors Association of Canada)