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A Prayer At 8:30am Wednesday

One of my clients asked me to say a prayer for them and think of them at 8:30am Wednesday, September 20th, 2006 because they were meeting with one of their biggest clients ever that could become their biggest case ever. I thought that I would anonymously acknowledge this in my Blog.

During our call we talked about appreciating the benefits of setting and writing goals at the beginning of the year having no idea where these goals will come from. With focus, intention, prayer, meditation and faith these goals become real.

We also discussed Focus, Buffer & Free Time. My client concluded that they were going to use Focus Time to work with clients from Monday – Wednesday, Buffer Time to study on Thursday and Buffer Time on Friday Morning for paperwork creating Free Time on Friday Afternoon.

Clients often provide me with as much value as I offer them and this was one of these occasions. My client had learned from a colleague that they approach a client with a 2 year window from the time that they meet a client to time that they start doing business. This lays a foundation of being an advisor versus a salesperson.