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A Message On The Eve of 2006

Hi Simon,

Duncan calling on the Eve of 2006 or almost the Eve of 2006.

Just want to wish you and Laura all the best in 2006.

You have helped me considerably in 2005 and I do believe that I owe somewhat of a large part of my success due to our conversations in 2005.

I just wanted to call and thank you for continuing to inspire me and may we both inspire each other in 2006.

I will help you all that I can in terms of whatever link I can be to the Financial Services Business whether it is Freedom 55 – London Life or whoever I have contacts with as I believe that you have hit a really good never as to how people tick.

All the best to you. May you bring in 2006 the way that you deem the best for you and Laura.

Thank you very much and we will talk in early January and I will send you an e-mail as to what I would like to do for our Coaching Calls.

Just a call to say thanks and have a great New Year.

Thanks Simon

December 30, 2005

Duncan C. Robinson
Financial Security Advisor
duncan.robinson @ freedom55financial.com
Freedom 55 Financial