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A Jet-Lag Dream

I was starting a gig and two guys where talking to each other rather loudly right in the front row and I said that they were welcome to leave and then I said who else would like to leave and 90% of the room left and I was having a hard time with that … then I woke and said to hell with it and got up. This was nothing more than a jet-lag dream. Beware of the dark side of the force.

We flew home Sunday, picked up groceries and we unpacked by 2pm and went out for a walk both feeling very good.

Touchdown, Sunday, 12pm June 10th, 2007

We went to sleep last night at 9pm … It is just about 5am and Laura is still sleeping … I had an on and off sleep and got about 5 ½ hours waking up at 4:30am. I’m a bit woozy from jet-lag, it is all good.

We hired someone to water our plants and hanging baskets and they all look beautiful – outsourcing, outsourcing, outsourcing!! As much as I love the garden and puttering around the home, this has made me realize that I want to find someone to look after the plants and the odd home repair. This will give me time to enjoy the home versus working on it.

On the subject of outsourcing, upon the return of the next long trip, we will hire someone to get the groceries and come in and do the laundry.

I’ve got 5 new client calls back to back from 8:15am – 2:15pm this afternoon. The rest of the week is solid with client calls. I would have wished for this 1 year ago.

I’m using the early morning to plan the to do list for the week:

• Remind myself of the big picture
• Write this blog
• Set up my office
• Delegate filing
• Review my e-mail
• Plan the business actions for the week
• Plan: focus, buffer and free days for the balance of the month of June
• Block out time to prep for my client calls

Later in the week I will:

• Associate to virtual assistant projects
• Connect with bank balances, receivables and do payables

Along the way, make a list of everything that could be outsourced:


• Computer desktop filing
• Filing
• Payables


• Plants – hanging basket and pot maintenance
• Plants – sprinkler installation

Very much looking forward to implementing what we learned on our Retreat with Chris Barrow and to the Product Development Days that will come in July and August.

What is really cool is I am off the road now until the last week in August except for a speaking gig next week in Calgary on June 19th.