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A Good Advocis Mistake


We have been trading e-mails back and forth with an event coordinator for what we thought was a private company speaking event this fall.

A request came in for the Overview for the “Removing The Mental Roadblocks To Your Success” Presentation which we sent. (see below)

The proof came back to us and it turns out that we are speaking at an Advocis Event. This makes it even better!

Removing Your Mental Roadblocks
to Your Success

A recent survey revealed the following statistics;

– 33% of Financial Advisors have no Vision or Business Plan
– 23% of Financial Advisors over 63 years of have no Succession Plan
– 12.4% of Financial Advisors are very satisfied
– 49.1% of Financial Advisors are not very satisfied
– 40% of Financial Advisors are unsatisfied
– 77% of Financial Advisors believe there isn’t enough wealth in Canada while a 2002 report states there are over 200,000 Canadians with over a million dollars in assets

In a world where there is a notion that “money buys you happiness”, therefore working in the financial industry would equally make you happy, one has to ask “WHY” these survey results are happening.

Simon Reilly’s “Removing Your Mental Roadblocks To Your Success” will help you to understand WHY you may have the Roadblocks and HOW to remove your Roadblocks to Your Success to enable you to;

– Build a Vision for the Future
– Write a Business Plan, Strategies and Systems
– Improve your Financial Controls
– Build and Lead a Championship Team
– Develop Marketing and Sales Skills
– Brand Yourself and Define a Niche Market
– Focus on Client & Product Specialization
– Create “Wow” Customer Service
– Maintain Balance between Work, Rest & Play

Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach
Leading Advisor Inc.
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