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A expert business coach that is an expert speaker on “Being” an Advisor – Starts Now!

Attended the Independent Financial Brokers B.C. Spring Summit and gained some great insights into the industry. One thing that rang through is that Branding is the missing link in differentiating financial advisor practices both for their marketing success and for their value at succession. Most of all – as I was talking about what I do with the people that I am connecting with at the Summit, I am struggling with my Brand and the question;

Am I?

* An expert speaker on “Being” an Advisor that is an expert coach?


* An expert business coach that is an expert speaker on “Being” an Advisor?

It is the later.

This question wasn’t an issue while I was building the web site because the web site was to serve the people that know me.

Then, the web site gets complete and again, it is time to go out and market the web site. At the same time, one must be niche specific and go deep into the niche or one will be a master of nothing and the marketing will be unsuccessful and it will be too fragmented.

How do you do that? I’ll answer the question on Niche another time.

Through public speaking.

And the web site needs to reflect that I am an expert business coach that is an expert speaker on “Being” an Advisor and the home page and the speaking pages must be on point.

So we are off to another enhancement to the web site so that we can clearly deliver a message about what we do.

This is all a big deja-vu for me as I’m reminded why I chose coaching versus public speaking some years back.

I saw the public speaking as a reminder of the Anthony Robbins Franchise that I owned back in the 90’s. One was always enrolling people in the seminar for a quick fix (didn’t know this at the time) and when the seminar was finished, you had to start all over again. If we had the concept of coaching in those days the business might have succeeded. Then again, I am sickened at the thought of coaching people on adrenaline, needs based motivation which is unsustainable.

When I looked at the coaching business in the beginning, as I started to get into public speaking to market the coaching (and just having an ah-ha here), I now realize that I did not have a strong enough vision for my coaching business and I was starting to get drawn into the business of public speaking.

The public speaking reminded me of the same thing that honestly nearly cost me my life in the seminar business. Selling, selling and selling to fill seminars, then complete the seminar and then BANG! Start all over again.

And one thing that I do know to this day is that I do not want to live my life on the road public speaking.

So I did not go down the route of public speaking as a top of mind activity. I spoke when I was invited.

And overall, coaching seemed to be a much better and “sustainable” way to go because the coaching builds a long lasting relationship with clients and as the clients grow, so do the coaching opportunities to build the clients business with them.

After almost ten years of coaching clients, toe to toe, belly to belly and literally experiencing miracles with my clients I am certain of the value of coaching and of the systems that I have developed.

Another ah-ha. By not going the public speaking route to market coaching, I had unconsciously cut myself off from a great marketing opportunity for business.

And then again, I may still be still floundering around here there and everywhere without an understanding of niche and the coaching systems and the experience to assist my clients in getting sustainable results.

The experience of the last 15 years in irreplaceable and I’ll throw in what I learned working with Robbins.

So onto public speaking with a clear vision!

So the main page of the web site will introduce an expert business coach that is an expert speaker on “Being” an Advisor that leads to some outstanding speaking pages.

The work on the web site enhancements starts now!