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A Day Of Travel = A Day Of Reflection

This Blog starts at 9:30am on Monday, June 12, 2006 in the airport lounge at Comox, BC Airport on my way to Toronto via Calgary.

june 12, 2006 002.jpg

These traveling weeks create a stretch by forcing me to get my week organized and planned waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in advance so that things flow when I am on the road.

So Sunday was a day of;

– Packing – both personal and business items for the best part of a week on the road
– Exercise – an 18k power cycle – the deer are getting so close that you can reach out and touch them
– Massage – to remove the stresses from last week and to make sure that we are relaxed for the week ahead
– PowerPoint Update – I want to spend more time addressing the more assertive members of the Pro-Seminars audience so that they don’t write my presentation off as “don’t give me that touchy/feely sh*t

I’m reflecting that this trip somehow feels different;

– Is it because it has been almost a month since doing a gig after 11 gigs back to back and I’m more rested?
– Is it because I’m very organized and in action with all of clients and projects
– Is it both of the above + and most of all being on the road with a full practice and clients are lining up for September and we only have 25 gigs to do this year? 🙂

All I have to do is show up and add value and value will be returned.

I’m now in my Calgary office, the WestJet lounge with the very cool carousel.

june 12, 2006 003.jpg

I’m using my time in Calgary and the Toronto flight to update my projects list, prioritize and determine next action.