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A day of reflection

You know how newspapers do an early edition. Well this is what I am going to do my best to do. Publish my Blog the evening before. I noticed that our web traffic last night was the highest between 8 & 9pm.

This is an off week from coaching and a week for practice management.

Laura giddy this AM with wanting to see me on TV. My utilitarian mind says, why bother – we have already seen it. I was on at 7:55am. Received a call from Laura’s Mom to say that she saw the TV spot while she was in the gym. Helen is 74 and lives life to the fullest and plays a strong round of golf. Helen will let me play golf with her once I take lessons. 🙂

Invested the morning in fine tuning the best times for the TV Ads, bugs in the Teleclass Registration Process and completing the planning for the Public Speaking Marketing.

Let’s see what the 11pm News attracts?

We are excited about a new “Being” An Advisor Article that we will have for the April 15th E-Newsletter.

Some people renovate houses, some are into home d?ɬ©cor and some are into cars as in the revamped craze around hot rods and motor cycles.

The better part of my day is spent on renovating, the d?ɬ©cor and revamping web sites and marketing plans.

This will all lead to world travel so we are onto the “amazing race” to get the speaking gigs going so that we can renovate the web site and marketing yet again with an upcoming e-book.

Oh yeah. Did I mention the Leading Financial Advisor web site addition? Now is that renovating, the d?ɬ©cor or revamping?

Just talked to Kim and new Streaming Video is going on the site this afternoon. This is still in progress and you are welcome to take a look by clicking here. Kim is telling me that she is going to “Google” this Blob as the E-Newsletter is “Googled” and the Blog still needs to be.

Realizing the Vision is here – Research, Write, Speak & Coach.

Into 3rd or 4th week of four to five sessions of morning cardio per week and I’m starting to slim down a bit.

Invested the afternoon in updating my Projects & To Do List.

Thought of committing to a huge goal – Book 10 Speaking Gigs in 90 days.

Onward, upward.