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A Creature Of Good Habits


I started my day as usual on Wednesday at 5am spending some quiet time and then heading into my office to prepare for my day by reviewing client files and then heading to the shower at 6:15am and a Chai Tea at 6:45am in advance of my first call at 7am.

Wednesday was supposed to be a Product Development Day and we broke the rules and scheduled a few clients in for morning calls for one reason or another and to create the space for a holiday break at the end the month.

7am, dialing, dialing, dialing … no answer from the client.

I checked my calendar, sure enough I was calling the first client call for the day … 1 ½ hours too early.

Perhaps I need to plug in my calendar software into my brain as my usual client calls on my Client Days are at the following times and I can’t be on autopilot:

• 7am
• 8:15
• 9:30
• 10:45
• 12pm
• 1:15
• 2:30
• 3:45

All was not lost. After a great morning on the phone with clients I got onto Product Development which included refining our vision in preparation for some work on improving our brand.

Our Australian, Canadian, US & UK Financial Advisor Clients continue to thrive. They do this through the use of our Removing Your Roadblocks Programs. They have eliminated their fear, limiting beliefs and their unmet needs that have interfered with their vision, business plans, financial controls, team building, marketing and sales skills, branding & niche marketing, product specialization and customer service. Their values and vision shine through both their business and personal lives allowing then to deliver their best talents, products and services.