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A Client Deepens Their Understanding

I had a great morning with you.

There is a lot that makes sense here. I don’t really look at “that past time as a sales machine” as natural because it wasn’t. It was always uncomfortable for me but I managed to adapt to survive. Taking to heart a lot of what we touched on today I have been on this journey walking with you for about 9 months. I had been going it alone on a fairly intense but uncharted basis for about 2 years before that and had danced with it for about 3 years before than.

2005 became a benchmark for me. It was not a nice year but a lot changed. For one thing I jumped off the rollercoaster at home and refused to play the games me and my wife had been playing. I guess in a fairly tough way I began to re-establish boundaries. I did the same at work and in both cases I managed a lot of time to look at me. It was a year that began a new me and I feel good about where I am today.

I think more than anything that’s where some things became too tough in our work. I enjoyed and do enjoy the stuff that focuses on me the person and I find the business really can takes care of itself. I have a sense of a big change in the business but I do maintain that the foundations in me need to be solid first.

I have read a fair bit about personal development and it intrigues me and I marvel about it but it is not something that as you say I have the 20 years or so necessary to really learn it inside and out. That said, what I heard today resonated with a lot I had begun to find in myself. It also makes me breathe a lot easier. I had been thinking even before you mentioned it a call ago that perhaps my natural behaviour was not really my natural behaviour. I began to wonder if I somehow was fooling myself and I guess I was.

The steadiness elements are very strong in me, this came out when I did The Path exercise in talking to others about me. But I have seen (breathed?) it before in my other personal development work. I think it is a blessing and a curse. It keeps me well grounded but that makes it harder to be airy and dream sometimes.

It is quite reassuring that I am not nuts (or maybe I really am!??)

I got to thinking after about something where we hit on is it holiday mode or a need for more foundation work. I believe it to be a bit of both but more the latter than the former.

If you want to forward any more assignments on foundation I really enjoy doing them.