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A chorus of a million frogs

Laura and caught a 7pm sailing to Vancouver Island. We stayed on the car deck enjoying the sea air and were mesmerized by the jostling of the sea breeze and shore lights.

We stayed in a sea side cottage at Craig Bay that had streams and ponds close by.

The city noise was replaced by a chorus of a million frogs

We really noticed the quiet, and the only interruption was the beautiful sounds of song birds.

We spent our time relaxing, checking out the area and dreaming of the day when we could live in the country and commute to the city from time to time to do public speaking and workshops.

We were very close to resort/spas, Pacific Shores and Tigh-Na-Mara and this reminded me of offering both one on one and group style retreat workshops. With either a 1 ?Ǭ? Ferry Ride or 15 minute Float Plane to Vancouver Island, the trip would be more than worth it.

With the creation and writing of the web site and e-newsletters since September of 2004 to date, I have not had the chance to read that many books. By this time last year I had read over 10 books. In reflection, I was amazed to think that I had only read one book last fall; Awareness by Anthony De Mello – Outstanding! I have started to read The Power Of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer over the weekend and I am enjoying it.

As the start up creation of the web site, e-newsletter and blog all come to a close; it is time to get back to a marketing consciousness. The Power Of Intention has reminded me of thinking in unlimited ways and to “just” prepare a draft marketing plan and to allow versus force opportunities to happen.