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A busy yet restful weekend

Saturday started with sleeping in, walking the dog, a tan, washing the truck, errands, shopping, a movie – Crash and dinner at LilyKate Fine Foods on Hamilton Street in Yaletown.

Crash is a must see, although it includes some violence it is very gripping and thought provoking.

LilyKate Fine Foods is the most unique restaurant experience that we have had in years and it is reasonable at the same time.

On Sunday, Laura and I visited my mother Irene in Agassiz to celebrate Mother’s Day with her. Irene is 85 and she lives in an Intermediate Care Facility called Lynwood Manor that is about 130 km. east of Vancouver. Laura and I try to visit Irene every 6 weeks or so. With the Greater Vancouver traffic it is 2 hours driving in heavy traffic each way so it is a day trip for us.

A couple of things caught my eye over the weekend. One was an article in the May Issue called “Change or Die” – more on this another time. The other was “One – The Campaign To Make Poverty History”. This is what Bono of U2 is challenging Paul Martin about. The introductory video to the One Web Site is very compelling and worth taking a look at.

During the early AM I am reminded of something that I write about a lot –

With a lot of my time and energy going into the final review and edit of the Web Site Speaking Pages, the final review and edit of the Web Site Speaking Pages, the final review and edit of the Web Site Speaking Pages – you get my point, I don’t need to say it again –

I did not do a review of April like a normally do until this AM.

My monthly review always covers what is working, giving thanks which inevitably brings on inspiration and the ideas for action for the next steps.

Without the review, I was honestly feeling overwhelm combined with limiting beliefs; “there is too much to do”, “how will I ever get this all done”, which turns to; “I will never get this all done”, etc.

As I became awake through the review along with this realization – the fog is lifting and a new inspiration prevails!