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A Buffer Week And A Half

This is truly the beginning of A Buffer Week And A Half. I am thrilled that I have Business Development time between now and September 5th – that’s 12 days counting August 25th – September 5th.

Sorry if I sound so elated. Working with clients takes an enormous amount of energy that Dan Sullivan calls Focus Days and it is tricky mixing Focus Days & Buffers Days within a week especially when one is doing rather heavy writing that includes a Web Site Upgrade and a Book.

Talk about my brain hurting. And the heaviest of the writing for the Web Site Upgrade is complete – it is all easy from here.

Reflecting on – A Buffer Week And A Half. One day I will get down to writing an article from a Behavioral Point Of View about Focus Weeks, Buffer Weeks & Free Weeks being much better versus Dan Sullivan’s Focus, Buffer & Free Days.

So here is the game plan for the next 12 days;

– Take lots of breaks for bike riding and walking on the beach
– Complete the Web Site Upgrade – Publish September 1st
– September 1st E-Newsletter/Book Intro Chapter
– Pro-Seminar Las Vegas Power Points
– CE Credits

Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach