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90 Day Goals + Measures!

With the fact that there are basically 60 days or 2 months left until the end of the year and that I have gotten off track from my 90 day goals that I set in September, I was beginning to think that 90 day goals were just too long. Still, 90 day goals were a big revelation from the 1 year goals. The reason that I say this is that I, like most people were setting 1 year goals and then completely forgetting about them. 90 days were the answer because 90 day goals:

– Make your vision more attainable by making it a little more short term
– Enable you to see and feel the rewards in the short term
– Define a few steps that it will take to create it versus getting overwhelmed with the perfect plan
– Focus on the short term
– Cause you to take action now

So I was thinking that it might be better to adjust the 90 day goals to 60 day goals to create a more short term focus.

Then alas! I read some of the material that I have been talking about!

The next step is Measures.

Given that I have gotten off track, I realize that I have not been answering the following questions on a weekly basis for the past few weeks:

– What do you consider to be your 5 top achievements this week?
– Why are they significant? How do they make you feel?
– What further progress could you make in this direction?
– What are you resisting doing?
– How can you use your personal strengths to commit 3 needed actions this week to meet your 90-day goals?

My excuse is the change in my routine from doing no speaking gigs per week to 3 – 4 speaking gigs per week.

So given where we are in the year –

Onward and upward to 60 Day Goals + Measures!