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8 Tips To Understand Your Social Media Marketing Management

I worked with my team to create blogs like these;

Sometimes I work with a researcher and copywriter and, sometimes I write them myself as writing is something I enjoy doing, as it grounds me.

Sometimes I work with my team to create social media content for our clients.

Here are the roles that are required to create social media content;

  • Social media manager – what kind of content will be created and promoted? (Simon)
    • Researcher
    • Copywriter

The bottom line is a manager is required, as it is not as simple as handing off all the work to a copywriter. A manager that understands you and your business is needed.

This communication is a demonstration of management.

The management will help to get what you want to be completed.

As your social media marketing manager, here is my approach;

  1. Ask you questions and listen to what you want to write about – we can do this as part of our coaching calls or schedule a separate call.
  2. Transcribe your thoughts for article content.
  3. Receive article content from your team.
  4. Delegate research for additional article content.
  5. Organize article/content for copywriter.
  6. Delegate copywriting.
  7. Title article.
  8. Finalize article.