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6 Weeks To Get A Result

You may recall that when we finally settled back down to building our business on June 8th after 8 months of building the web site, e-newsletter and blog, I said that from past experience, it would take us at least 6 weeks to get a result.

We finished our 5th week this week and I am pleased to tell you that results are starting to come in.

I’m looking forward to Friday afternoon to tally all our results for the week.

For now, I thought that I would share the highlights from the action that we have been taking over the past weeks;


– 4 speaking gigs booked
– an estimated 50+ associations or corporate speaking gigs identified and we are at various different stages of the process of contacting the decision maker, e-mailing our speaking package, telephone follow up, direct mailing a package, scheduling an appointment and requesting the opportunity to speak.


– 2 new coaching clients
– 3 new coaching clients that will likely join by month end
– 7 new coaching clients that have an interest for September
– 1 team building workshop
– 1 hiring project

Our Marketing Funnel is well developed and here are the components of our working document.

The most important thing is that we have taken the necessary action to give ourselves a strong start towards this project and we are starting to create a some momentum and with a few more weeks of dedication, the momentum will develop a life of its own.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Simon’s years of experience in professional and business development really comes across, his professional speaking style is very inspirational and one really comes away with ideas and tools that they can implement into their business right away.

Frank C. Allen – CFP, CLU, C.H.F.C
frank @ mr-rrif.com
The Frank Allen Financial Group Inc.
Past President Greater Naniamo Chamber of Commerce
Past President of The Rotary of North Naniamo
Naniamo, Canada

The Marketing Funnel

Web Marketing

– Web Site
– E-Newsletter
– Blog


– Search Engine Optimization – Key Words & Description
– Ad Words / Pay Per Click
– Article & Blog Data Banks, Data Bases & Subdirectories – Prioritize Articles, Post To Article Announcer, Laura & Simon To Post Manually

Strategic Alliances

Define A List Of Companies That Serve The Financial Advisor Market And Offer Our Services To Add Value To Their Clients

Associations Join

– Advocis

The 20

Identify The Top 20 Associations, Companies and Conferences To;

– Call For Event & Meeting Planner or Regional Manger
– E-Mail
– Call
– Send Package
– Send Being An Advisor E-Newsletter

Being An Advisor E-Newsletter

– Send July 15 and Every 6 Weeks To Public Speaking Prospects


– ID
– Read
– Find A Complimentary Article
– Write A Related Article Using Our Technology
– Contact



– Identify 20 Clients & Send A Referral Request Letter Along With A Thank You Gift In Advance

Get Your September In Gear

– Create An E-Mail To Invite Past Clients To Attend

Personalized Fax – Get Your September In Gear

– Research / Telephone For Speaking Decision Makers at Associations (+ Chambers & Rotary), Real Estate and Financial Advisor Companies
– Create – Get Your September In Gear Fax
– Send July 15th and Every 2 – 3 Weeks After

– Consider The Data Bases of Accounting, Law, Property Developers

SSS Data Base

– Send E-Newsletter With Cover Letter

Data Base Development

– Add Data From Excel, Files, Mind Genius and Past Conferences To Maximizer.

Free Teleclass

New Subscriber Letter

One On One Appointments