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5 Week Months Are A Bonus By Design


Last Thursday’s flight home was invested in Updating My Journal Notes to my Project Notes to enable me to have a strong start for this week.

True to my word in Last Thursday’s Blog, I took a well deserved long weekend off from all business activity. The weekend included lots of rest, an in-home gourmet dinner at our friends house ( thank you Dianne and Gordon, the food was fantastic ), an Oktoberfest dinner and dance at the Beach Club in our development, garage and storage clean up and a trip to goodwill.

My long weekend was a celebration and reward for the outstanding results that were created from my last road trip from October 18 – 25 which included 4 Speaking Presentations.

So in the flavor or Thursday’s Blog, I’m cutting my Blogs down to a few per week and will do my best to make the Blogs relevant to Removing Your Roadblocks and Business Building Ideas. ( Who knows, this Blog could be it for this week unless something relating to Removing Your Roadblocks and Business Building Ideas comes up. )

“5 Week Months Are A Bonus By Design” is about the month of October being one of two months a year where the month includes 5 Weeks. To be more specific and to expand on my meaning of this …

October consists of the follow weeks;

• Week 1 – October 1 – 5
• Week 2 – October 8 – 12
• Week 3 – October 15 – 19
• Week 4 – October 22 – 26
• Week 5 – October 29 – November 2

I work with the vast majority of my clients Tuesday – Friday of the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month and only on the Tuesday of the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month.

Mondays and the balance of my time are for Business Planning, Management and Development.

My Business Development time is currently being invested in writing my Book.

This is the model that we do our best to follow and the only time that we fluctuate from this model is when I am traveling.

There are times when I invest in working with clients on Mondays so that we can create time to travel during the weeks when I am speaking as I did in the past two weeks traveling on Wednesday, October 17 and Thursday, October 25.

Given all of the above, when a month like October rolls along, I have the 5th week of the month off from Tuesday – Friday Client Calls and the week is a Bonus Week for Business Development.

Well … most of it.

I opened up part of Tuesday and Thursday of this week for a few client calls.

I still have Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Business Planning, Management and Development. Some of the Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be invested in talking with the new prospects that approached me at the 4 Speaking Presentations.

By Design means we created a Vision and then Budgeted the Income, Expenses and Time to realize our Vision.